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Technical Information

bamboo charcoal

Charcoal is a fuel type which is obtained by carbonation of wood into carbon containing residue through pyrolysis. Through pyrolysis which is the process of heating the wood to high degrees in vacuum and oxygen-free environment, water and volatile components are separated from the wood. This continues until only the carbonized residue remains. After carbonation process wood is turned into charcoal which is a soft, fragile, light, black and porous material resembling coal. 

Charcoal has become the number one choice for cooking meat in the world. Apart from that charcoal is used as coloring agent for pencils and as raw material for making gunpowder. Charcoal also has purification and filtration features and is used in gas masks and water purification systems. Another widespread use of charcoal is in the medical field. Patients are given charcoal for treatment for overdose and poisoning cases. 

As Antileak we produce various types of charcoal with high quality and productivity using modern methods. We are able to transform wood into charcoal through the continuous charcoal ovens used in our advanced facilities without releasing harmful gasses or waste to environment.


Sawdust Charcoal

Coconut Charcoal

White Charcoal and Hardwood Charcoal

Moisture Content




Fixed Carbon



>90, >80%





Calorific Value

>7,300 Kcal/Kg

>7,100 Kcal/Kg

>7,200 Kcal/Kg

Burning Time (Depend On Type of Usage)

3-5 Hours

3-5 Hours

3-5 Hours

Volatile Matter



2-4%, 5-11%