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Supply 100% Natural Sawdust Charcoal Briquettes by Antileak

sawdust charcoal briquettes

Sawdust charcoal briquettes are made from the sawdust of scrap wood or bamboo, and compressed into their characteristic pillow shapes, form of either hexagonal or square shape. 

Antileak Sawdust charcoal briquettes are used as fuel for cooking but it is also available in its raw state. It is a good alternative fuel for outdoor BBQ. The Sawdust charcoals we offer are also used for shisha smoking, and in chemical, pharmaceutical industries, environment protection, etc... It is also reported to be able to absorb radiation. 

We work out a vertical integrated business model from raw material collection to product sale and finally become a technical advanced manufacturer of sawdust charcoal briquettes in Fujian, China. We have complete, standard and continued production line and scientific management system. We are approved in the industry with good faith, strength and high product quality. We welcome people from all over the world for visit, guidance and business communication.

Quality charcoal briquettes using sawdust being our speciality, we ensure that all our clients are happy receiving our products. We aspire to reach on top of the game in the business, therefore, we continue making various new development in the region. We strive to make briquettes with sawdust charcoal for our sustainable green business. The waste from crops and animals are biomass material which we use in making fuel briquettes.

Being one of the most talked about manufacturers of charcoal briquettes, we make sawdust charcoal briquettes that can provide longer flame time and temperature that can be controlled. We differentiate ourselves from the market as our products have the capacity to become an attractive alternative. We understand the value of your money. We believe in environmental piece and thus, we promote biomass as a renewable energy source. We use biodegradable materials to make charcoal briquettes using sawdust. 

sawdust charcoal briquettes