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Sawdust Charcoal Briquettes: Solution For Traditional Cookstoves

The woodsmoke causes a lot of pollution to our environment, therefore, to reduce the indoor air pollution people use sawdust charcoal in traditional cookstoves.  An additional but important benefit is that fuel briquettes reduce demand for unsustainably harvested wood and charcoal. They provide income, protect the environment, and improve public health.

Finding the wastes of wood dust cause problems in rot, stacked and burned materials and all of these materials have a negative impact on the environment. Thus, the countermeasures should be considered to use the wastes for something beneficial. Sawdust charcoal briquettes is that creative innovation which helps in reducing the

In the processing stage of sawdust briquetting, sawdust should be the main resource, pine sawdust as the supplemented resource and sawdust of other wood species also can be mixed. First all the materials should be blended well before the production and the content should be less than 50%. The calorific value of the mixed wood sawdust should be lower with high ash content and this would make the fire go out easily while burning.

There are various key indicators to find out that briquettes are made by pure sawdust other than wood species. To use them for cooking food or BBQs for the odd smell created while burning, you should clean briquettes with no additives. The briquetting machines can get your better briquettes with no problem, so choose one model for you and your family.

Currently there is a crisis of fuel energy, kerosene has been scarce and LPG gas prices soaring. In the meanwhile, sawdust charcoal briquettes can really help with the traditional cookstove method. Briquette charcoals can help in reducing the cost of production, thus in market value as well. Since the raw materials are derived from waste materials, thus, it can be easily obtained from anywhere. We as one of leading companies in the business can provide you the worldclass charcoal briquettes.

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