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Sawdust Charcoal Briquettes: All You Want To Know

Sawdust Charcoal Briquettes at Very Cheap Price

Coal is a great material to continue electricity generation mix, but a shift to low carbon fuels is expected as a result of reducing greenhouse gas emissions. Therefore, charcoal briquettes are the apt solution to the industry which can keep the harm away and help more. Biomass energy can potentially reduce the greenhouse gas emissions and it is reliant on a sustainable supply.

Sawdust charcoal briquettes are made of scrap wood or bamboo and compressed into their characteristic pillow shapes to form either hexagonal or square shape.  These are usually as fuel for cooking but it is also available in its raw state and it is considered to be a great alternative fuel for outdoor BBQ.

Sawdust Briquettes are quality assured coals composed of carbonized compressed sawdust and comprising hexagonal/square cross section charcoal bars. At this time when the planet is getting out of resources, this biomass briquette has the potential to make an effort into the renewable energy source.

Supporting in providing even distribution of heat as well as in delivering longer burning hours, Sawdust Briquettes are marketed at a very low cost and another reason being renewable resource is a great combination to be found. There is still considerable scope for making better use of the existing biomass energy supplies and also for developing new supplies. As a superior flammable matter, it is used as fuel to start and maintain fire.

Being completely organic solid fuel, sawdust charcoal briquettes also have low moisture from waste wood left after processing with resins and binders existing naturally in sawdust briquettes. It helps them in remaining compact with no use of additives. These deliver smokeless and odorless usage as well as low ash content. We are engaged in agriculture and forestry production producing substantial waste biomass that could be used to support charcoal briquettes production.