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Even though sawdust briquette charcoal manufacturers have undergone their tough time for the last decade in South East Asia, the market is still limited to Korea, Japan and Taiwan until today without much improvement. Nevertheless, many new enthusiastic manufacturers emerged especially in 1996, lured by the lucrative (but unrealistic) figures in most project papers. Only the established manufacturers are sharing the present market for the reputation and quality they have gained for their products.

The product is marketed according to the grading briefly as follows:

Grade "A"- void of cracks, hard with metallic sound when rolled and lengthly (not more than 4 pcs in a length of 390mm).

Grade "B"- with minimum cracks, hard and not less than 75mm in length.

Grade "C"- as "B" except the length is not less than 50mm in length.

In any case, the charcoal shall have less than 42mm Diameter produced with sawdust briquette of 55mm Diameter. This grading is to ensure all manufacturers to properly char their product. The charring temperature too has to be raised to as high as 800 - 1000 Deg C in order to have the required metallic sound when rolled on floor (the same specification for the Japanese "White Charcoal"). With the above stringent requirement, the buyer will never received partially charred charcoal compared to any wood charcoal(some carry wood base) or coal (with substantial minerals and other foreign materials), yet the prevailing price for sawdust briquette charcoal is almost comparable to any of its counterpart in barbecue.

The Scraps- any particle sizes greater than 12mm will find their usage in industries such as steel mail, calcium carbide mill and others. The price is low and thus distribution to any of the mill in the near vicinity is only possible.

The Powder- charcoal fines also known as green charcoal is used for agricultural purposes, such as soil reconditioning, retaining agent for fertilizer and to maintain the green growth of grass field especially in golf field. Nevertheless, charcoal fines of certain purity is a suitable raw material for those activated carbon plant, again the cost does not justify for a long distance transportation.

Others- The condensation trapped from the charring process contains "wooden vinegar", which will yield positive result when applied to animal feedmeal and plants as revealed by some researchers from Korea and Japan.