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How to Make Bamboo Charcoal Briquettes?

What are Bamboo Charcoal Briquettes? Antileak Bamboo Charcoal Briquettes are made by compressing 100% purity bamboo sawdust without binders or additives. Bamboo Charcoal Briquette is the preferred charcoal in many countries like Korea, Middle East, Greece, and mainly used for indoor and outdoor BBQ.

Generally, the process for making Bamboo Charcoal Briquettes consists of raw materials collecting, crushing, drying, charcoal briquetting, carbonizing, etc... 

1. Raw materials collecting is a simple step because our factory located in Fujian where has abundant qty of bamboo resource, and the raw materials are easy to get. 

2. Before briquetting, the raw materials need pre-processing so as to convenient for further processing. Then the bamboo materials will be put into the mill for crushing to small pieces.

3. Then the next step is drying. As for raw materials, the moisture content is usually more than 12%, so the drying process is necessary to help reduce the moisture content. In addition, a boiler is also needed to generate hot air and realize the purpose of drying.

4. Briquetting is the major process. The basic principle of the briquetting machine is to compress the raw materials at high temperature and then press the material into square shape with middle hole and high density or prismatic briquette. During this process, the moisture content needs to be controlled in a suitable range. Because the Bamboo Charcoal Briquettes may scatter if the moisture content is too high, while it may have cracks if the moisture is too low.

5. The last step is carbonizing. This process makes the bamboo briquette into charcoal briquette which is popular for BBQ uses.

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