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Developing of the charcoal

The first-generation charcoal in China: wood charcoal

Wood charcoal is made by traditional process “firing in a dry kiln”. This process requires certain size of raw material, mainly use natural wood and firewood as material. And its production period is long and discontinues. It normally takes 5-15 days to finish production per kiln. Moreover, it is difficult to control the quality, mostly depends on the experience of master worker, and spillage of material is big during this process. The most important, it is smoking badly when start firing, cause big pollution on local environment.

The second-generation charcoal: machine-made charcoal

Machine-made charcoal originated in Japan, and then passed through Taiwan to China mainland. Machine-made charcoal also known as the sawdust charcoal, mechanism charcoal, artificial charcoal, regenerated charcoal, smoke-free charcoal etc... The raw material of the machine-made charcoal has wide range of sources from bamboo sawdust, wood shavings, wood sawdust, peanut shells, coconut shells, rice husk, cotton shell, corn cob, corn stalk, sorghum, bean stalk, etc... which bamboo sawdust is the best.

Machine-made charcoal is extrusion formed in high-temperature by equipment, then fired in high-temperature kiln for more than 7 days. The temperature of kiln is manual controlled.

The third-generation charcoal: Shaped charcoal

The senior bamboo charcoal is produced with new technology, through several processes including mixing, rolling, shaping and drying, etc, using pure bamboo charcoal powder made by continuous high-temperature carbonized machine supplied by FuJian Tentrolly Bioenergy Equipment Co., Ltd. 

Charcoal can be used as cooking fuel (restaurant, outdoor barbecue, etc...), boiler fuel, filtering material, absorbent material, etc...